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Getting The Most From Fat Burners

Getting The Most From Fat Burners

Do Fat Burners Work? 
Fat burners do work if you understand how fat burners speed up weight loss.  You should know that a “fat burner” acts as a catalyst in the weight loss equation. In other words, the right fat burner can speed up weight loss (rather than causing the weight loss per se).  To understand how fat burners can be used to speed up weight loss, it's important to understand the basics of weight loss and what to look for in a fat burner.

Body Fat and Weight Loss?  
Calories are energy and everything in life needs energy to operate.  Phones need batteries, flowers need sun light and humans need food. In a perfect world, we would eat just enough calories to give us the energy to do what we need to do - no more, no less. In that situation, our body weight would be stable. In other words, we'd use up (burn) the calories at the same rate we were eating them and our weight wouldn't change. However, life's rarely perfect. It's easy for the balance of the food we eat and the energy we burn to get out of sync. 

Your body is extremely efficient. If you eat more food than you need, for energy, your body will store those excess calories (in the form of body fat) for a rainy day. This makes a lot of sense, when you think of our ancestor's who had a “famine and feast” eating pattern, with no guarantee of regular meals. Food wasn't always available; in times of famine, body fat was the key to surviving. The human metabolism has changed very little since the time of our ancestor's. What has changed massively is the amount of food we can eat, consistently. The result? Many of us have already stored and are still storing calories for the rainy day, which never comes!

How Do Fat Burners Help With Weight Loss?
To lose weight you need to consistently use more calories than you eat. Your body is hard wired to survive, it will do everything it can to survive. If you don't provide the calories your body needs, guess what happens? Your body has to resort to stored calories (body fat) to survive. The reduction you see on the scales is literally a result of fat reserves being burned as energy.  The right fat burner can stoke the fire and speed up the process.  We developed BURN to do exactly that and more! 

Burn More Calories
BURN includes a natural but potent ingredient known as ‘Citrus Aurantium’.  Citrus Aurantium has been shown in studies to modulate metabolic processes including Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and lyposis - the breakdown of fats.  Resting Metabolic Rate' (RMR) is the rate at which your body burns calories at complete rest. Therefore, an increase in RMR is synonymous with increased fat burning - even when you're not exercising. Increased RMR results in increase calories being burned (more calories going out). 

Reduce Carvings
It's no good burning calories faster if you're putting them back in even quicker! The tongue is a tiny part of our body but it can get us into a lot of trouble! If it isn't saying the wrong thing, it can make us crave foods that aren't great for our body goals. We understand, that's why BURN contains ‘chromium picolinate’ which is purported to have properties favourable for weight management such as: reduced cravings for fatty food and appetite suppression. One study looking at the effects of chromium picolinate on over-weight women demonstrated that chromium picolinate reduced food intake, hunger levels, fat cravings and also tended to decrease body weight, as compared to placebo!

Increase Fat Oxidation (Fat Burning)
Fat oxidation is the process through which our body converts fat into energy. If fat oxidation can successfully be increased, our body will use fat as energy more readily. BURN contains ‘epigallocatechin gallate’ (EGCG) which is naturally found in green tea. A recent study demonstrated that fat oxidation was on average 17% higher after ingestion of EGCG rich green tea compared to placebo. Not only can ECGC help to burn more calories, it more specifically can encourage your body to get those calories from fat!

Kick Start Your Transformation
In this blog we've only looked at 3 of the ingredients found in BURN. With a total of 10 ingredients BURN has a lot more to offer. To discover more and kick start your weight loss goals CHECK OUT BURN HERE. 


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